CEO President

Maryory Contreras


Maryory Contreras is a Civil Engineer, serving both private and public sectors in the design and construction industry. In 1991, she founded MarCon Engineering, Inc.; building the company from the ground floor, up. Since that time, Maryory has garnered the respect and reputation as a reliable, dependable, and customer oriented contractor within the construction industry. In fact, in 2003, Maryory was nominated as Woman of the Year by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

MarCon Engineering, Inc. is a proven leader in the construction industry. For nearly two decades, MarCon Engineering, Inc. has performed Comprehensive Design-Build Services, and Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction—taking projects from inception to completion for New Construction, Remodeling, Site Development, Tenant Build-Out, and Restoration projects.

MarCon Engineering, Inc. will continue to rise to new heights of performance. With over 20 years of experience exclusively in the construction and engineering industry, Maryory, President/CEO will see that MarCon Engineering, Inc. will increase to ever-higher levels of construction design and engineering, and technical excellence and competitiveness.

MarCon Engineering, Inc. is committed to integrity, respect, highest ethics, performance excellence, and dedicated to delivering superior customer value, safety, and environment-friendly construction services, and developing trusted and long-enduring relationships with their clients. This is "The MarCon Way" — to take all that we do to the highest level, to the MarCon level. It represents MarCon’s core belief to constantly strive to maximize performance and value for its clients. We are confident that MarCon will continue to emerge as a leader in the construction industry.

At MarCon Engineering, Inc. we don't take short cuts. We're committed to following the processes that ensure success, including planning, estimating, and scheduling prior to construction, and our many established systems during construction. We don't just build structures. We build trust.