Customer satisfaction

We recognize that our customers are the sole reason for the existence of MarCon Engineering, Inc. The purpose of our Quality Assurance Program is to ensure that customer needs are met the first time and every time. With MarCon Engineering, Inc., the benchmark of success has to be its level of customer satisfaction. We strive to keep our customers engaged with the work-flow throughout the project. All MarCon’s clients are updated on the construction progress; where we fully explain each step, answer all of questions, offering clear and understandable options, and ensuring the project stays on schedule and on budget.

MarCon’s Quality Assurance Program is our commitment to quality in everything we do. It provides the framework that ensures:

- Continuous improvement of our design and construction services
- Quality in our completed work, and
- Customer Satisfaction.

MarCon Engineering, Inc. does not rely on chance to provide our customers with the quality they need and deserve to stay competitive in the marketplace. We make every effort to be deserving of our customers' trust and high expectations.

We firmly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to superior quality and service. At MarCon Engineering Inc., we view customer concerns as an opportunity to help us improve our services. Accordingly, we are committed to resolving any concern you may have quickly, professionally, and to your total satisfaction.

MarCon Engineering, Inc. provides the highest quality products and services to its customers. Our customers have come to expect reliability in everything we do for them, from inception to completion. We are committed to continuous improvement in our performance and we seek smart solutions to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Commitment to Construction Quality

A meaningful Quality Assurance Program begins as your project is being designed and budgeted, and includes a clear definition of your objectives. Once those objectives are agreed upon, our project team develops a concise approach for achieving the targeted results and our commitments to the process.

The selection of proper materials and systems is essential to the long-term quality and maintainability of each project. As the design and/or construction phase progresses, we work with our clients to provide various design alternatives and/or a cost/benefit analysis so that we can weigh the effects that specific materials have on the project budget, and the quality and durability of the building itself.

During construction, MarCon Engineering, Inc. Project Managers provide a Quality Control review of each subcontractor's proposed products for conformance with contract documents. In addition, the Project Manager and our on-site supervisory staff hold pre-construction meetings with all significant subcontractors to establish the standards for performance, and provide continuing review and inspection of installed work to ensure its proper completion. Detailed checklists are used to monitor the quality on important segments of the work.

We often recommend the use of independent testing agencies to perform materials testing of our work, including excavation, concrete, steel, paving, masonry, etc., to assure its conformance to accepted design and engineering standards.

Customer Service is our Priority