Design Build - Project


TAS Repair and Modernize Admin and Warehouse, Seal Beach, CA

            Client: NAVFAC SW

           Dollar Value: $968,147

            Completed: 9/14/2010


Description: Replace existing gun shed carport with a pre-fabricated steel building; construct an armory in Room 144, convert classroom in Building 14 to an Electronic Simulator Training (EST/ISMT) area; install- a concrete pad to accommodate a gun display; install a glass door and panels in the front Administration Office in Building 14; extend parking lot in front of Building 14 to provide a safe turn radius for vehicles; install expand storage cages in Room 309 and repair/expand the Marine Reserve Parking Lot near Building 22.



Building 988, Vandenberg AFB, CA

            Client: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

            Dollar Value: $1,160,228

            Completed: 5/15/2010


Description: Design and renovate approximately 5,000 SF, on Building 988. Scope includes: interior demolition, asbestos and lead abatement, exterior demolition, roof repair, exterior siding repair, septic system, underground utilities, concrete, casework and countertops, doors, frames and hardware, wall systems, insulation, flooring, painting, ceramic tile, toilet partitions, suspended acoustical ceiling, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, communications infrastructure, fire alarm, fire sprinkler system, and security system.




Portal Crane Rail Expansion Joint Replacement, Naval Base, San Diego, CA

            Client: NAVFAC SW

            Dollar Value: $410,771

            Completed: 2/18/2010


Description: Removal and replacement of ten (10) existing Portal Crane Expansion Joints on Piers J and K, at the Naval Air Station North Island Carrier piers.  Design the replacement of ten (10) existing Portal Crane Expansion Joints on Piers J and K.   Remove ten (10) existing Portal Crane Expansion Joints and place 10 new “knife-edge” Portal Crane Rail Expansion Joints. 




Interior Building MODS for TOFT OPS Fighter Building 8656, MCAS Miramar, CA

            Client: NAVFAC SW

            Dollar Value: $466,754

            Completed: 10/9/2009


Description: Design and construct the interior building modifications to Building 8656. Install two (2) FA/18C Tactical Operational Flight Trainer simulators: (TOFT 38) and (TOFT 42). Scope includes demolition of existing walls, doors, ceilings, mechanical and electrical devices. New installation includes walls, doors, ceiling, raise floors, fire protection system, mechanical system, electrical system and other associated devices.



Replace Perimeter Fencing 28th/32nd St., Naval Base, San Diego, CA

            Client: NAVFACENG SW

            Dollar Value: $1,580,271

            Completed: 2/28/2009


Description: Design and install a retaining wall and 8' perimeter security fence on top of wall—from 28th Street to 32nd street; paint wall and install drainage system; layout  decorative rock; two- tone along the wall on the inside of the base. Replace 2,833 LF of an aged and deteriorated perimeter Chain Link Fence with an 8' high steel tubing fence of continuous concrete footing foundation.  Demolish and dispose of CLF, disconnect power to perimeter lights and cameras, and remove electrical conduit currently fastened to the top rail. Install an underground conduit with stub ups along footing of the new fence.  Construct masonry retaining wall and French drain at portions of the fence. Construct a 2,000 SF concrete inspection area/lane. Paint over existing vehicle and motorcycle parking stalls, and repaint pedestrian walkway. Construct a new concrete pedestrian sidewalk at the new commissary.



Red Rock Law Enforcement

            Client: Bureau of Land Management

            Dollar Value: $1,065,362

            Completed: 12/31/2007


Description: Construct two different site projects. 1) A new 2,312 SF single story Law Enforcement, wood framed building, and, 2) A water recycling installation at the Visitor’sCenter.  Perform earthwork, structural concrete, 2,500 LF of security fencing with electric automatic gate and push pad opener, install turtle trap under the gate opening, erosion control/dust control, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, lighting, fire and security alarms, fire sprinkler system, HVAC, new leach fields, new septic tanks, data utilities, site concrete, concrete helicopter pad with proper FAA markings, heavy paving and striping.

The project required working around protected wildlife and potential archaeological findings, as the project was located in a very sensitive habitat. MarCon met and complied with all Federal, State and local environmental requirements. 



Chemical Handlers Facility, NAVIR Naval Station North Island San Diego, CA

            Client: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Los Angeles District, CA 
Dollar Value: $696,724

            Completed: 05/30/07


Description: Design and construct a 1,600 SF building, includes all utility connections such as: water, sewer and electrical. Install a HVAC system compatible with base facilities, wet-pipe fire sprinkler throughout, and CCTV. Window systems required meeting Uniformed Facilities Criteria (UFC) DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards. Services include: demolition of five (5) PS Shacks and one (1) APCU, C-123 Temporary utilities allowed the five (5) PS Shacks and the Chemical Handlers Working Building continuous operation during construction.

Apple Valley Heli-base Garage

            Client: Bureau of Land Management

            Dollar Value: $982,243

            Completed: 4/23/2006


Description: Design and construct a 5,600 SF Helibase and Operations Center for Bureau of Land Management fire crews, and demolish three existing structures. Perform earthwork, structural concrete, timber framing, HVAC, plumbing, doors, windows, automatic roll up doors, roofing, drywall, tile, carpet, picket barriers, chain link fence, security lighting “V” ditches, bollard barriers, and new access road grading and completion.